Autonomy and Trust within the Clinical and Practical Context of End-of-Life Treatment Decisions

Project leader: Prof. Friedemann Nauck & PD Dr. Bernd Alt-Epping, Department of Palliative Medicine, University Medical Center Goettingen
Research Fellows: Dr. Gabriella Marx, Sonja Owusu Boakye


The numerous and increasingly complex treatment options in highly developed medicine make it difficult for patients to decide for or against a certain type of treatment. The subproject aims at exploring the interdependence of individual autonomy and trust in persons and institutions in the context of decision-making in the course of a life-limiting condition.
To allow for the attendant internal and external conditions of decision-making, which we conceive as a process, the qualitative-empirical research will not only include the patients’ but also the medical team’s perspectives. These will be analyzed according to the subproject’s focus.